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  • Artikelnummer: 1350
  • EAN kod: 7350084550056
  • Artikelnamn: I Can Spoon
  • Åldersgrupp: 0mths+
  • Vikt i förpackning: 10 g
  • Tvättinstruktion: DISHWASHER
  • Innehåll: Polypropen PP
  • Märke/licens: Rätt Start
  • Produktkategori: Ata, mata


 I can multi grip spoon -

Dexterity Developer for Early Eaters



I can multi grip spoon is a new Swedish invention that makes it easier for the children to start to eat themselves. It is important early in life to get a positive experience of eating. The spoon’s new unique multifunctional grip encourages/stimulates the child to eat better and with less waste, trough e.g. precision-, key-, transversal, or the through-thumb-grip. 

A: The spoon is flat vertical, which encourages the child to use the precision grip. 
It is angled to make it easier to reach the food in the bowl. 

B: The “beak” gives extra support in the hand. 

C: The design is made so that the child easily can get the food up on the spoon. 
Suitable for small fingers. Low weight, small size and funny colors. Funny animal figure makes mealtimes an inviting activity. Dishwasher safe (50°C). No BPA or PVC!



Art. No: 1350, EAN13: 7 350084 550056
Composition: Polypropene (PP)
Product dimensions: 
Length: 93mm, Width: 34mm, Hight: 30mm, Weight: 5g
Dimensions in packaging:
Length: 216mm, Width: 113mm, Hight: 34mm, Weight: 23g

Packagin includes one yellow and one white spoon!

 1350 H Precision grip

1350 H trough thump grip 

1350 L pac


Rätt Start steps of learning to eat:

6mths: Child eats with hands
9mths: Child holds spoon during feeding
12mths: Encourage child’s own eating
18mths: Done wiping floor, child can now eat!*
(*Children’s development varies, a lot! Just encourage, encourage, encourage! Remember it is about nutrition and dexterity training, the mess is inevitable, and good!)





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